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Classical Egypt


17. Classical Sights.
Our guide meets the clients at the hotel around 10H00, drive about 20 to reach the Graeco - Roman museum where 1/1 ½ hour will be spent to visit the temple.
About 15/20 drive to reach the Catacombs where it takes about 45 minutes to visit.
About 15 minutes will be spent at the Pompeys Pillars which is just few minutes from the Catacombs
Around 13H00 the clients are back to the hotel.

18. Orientation tour of Alex.
Our guide meets the clients at the hotel around 10H00, drive about 20 minutes to visit the Fortress which will last about 1- 1 ½ hour.
Few minutes drive to reach the aquarium where they spend around 30 minutes to visit.
Few minutes to reach the Famous mosque in Alex. of which they can just take photos.
Few minutes drive to El Montazah Palace where they will be staying for 30 minutes or if the clients wish they can just stay there till the end of the day and take a taxi back.
The whole tour takes around three hours.

19. Full Day tour of Classical & Orientation.
Tour starts at 10H00 with the same procedures & timing of both the half day tours & lunch is offered as an optional in between.
Clients will get back to the hotel around 17H00.

20. Full day tour to Alamain.
Around 09H00 our guide meets the clients at the hotel.
Drive about 140 KM to reach El Alamien which may last 1 ½ hour.
A visit to the military museum & the common wealth cemetery may last about 3 hours. No availability for Lunch on the way nor in town, should the clients like to have lunch they will have to take it from the hotel.
Drive back to the hotel

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