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Excursions’ Details

Classical Egypt


27. Botanical Island.
Around 09H00 our guide will meet the clients at the hotel
Few minutes to arrive to the Felucca or Motor boat for two hours sailing around the islands viewing the Agha Khan Mausoleum and visiting the Botanical island.
Around 11H30 moving back to the hotel

28. Philae temple.
Around 09H00 the guide meets the clients at the hotel & drive for about 20/30 to reach the area where they take a motor boat for about 10/15 minutes to arrive to the temple of Isis on Philae Island.
They will spend 1 /1 ½ hour at the temple & take the motor boat back to the bus to drive back to the hotel.
Around 11H30 drive back to the hotel.

29. High Dam & Unfinished Obelisk.
Around 09H00 the guide meets the clients at the hotel & drive for about 25/30 to reach the biggest manmade Dam they will take one hour to visit the High Dam.
Around 10H30 drive for about 10 minutes to the Unfinished Obelisk to visit which may last 20/30 minutes.
Around 11H30 they will be back to the hotel

30. Abu Simble Temple by AIR.
At the agreed time ( DEPENDS ON THE FLIGHT TIME ) the rep. Will take the clients from the hotel or the cruise for about 30 minutes drive transfer to the airport.
35 minutes flight to Abu Simble where Air line buses takes the clients from the airport to the temples – 10 minutes transfer.
The clients will buy their tickets from the tickets’ office & will follow the English speaking guide who should be there.
An hour tour around the two temples followed by some free time before they take the buses back to the airport. All time to spend in Abu simble is 2 hours.
Our rep. will be await at the airport to transfer them back to the hotel


31. Abu Simble Temple by bus.
About 03h30 pick up from the hotel or the cruise
About 04h00 drive with the convoy to Abu simble
About 07h00 – 07h30 reach Abu simble & only two hours are allwoed there to visit the two timples.
Drive back to Aswan to be at the hotel around 12h00 – 13h00.
Either a guide will accompany the trip from Aswan or our escort accompany them and introduce the clients to the local guide by the temple.

32. Sound and light show.
Our representative meets the clients at the hotel one hour before the show time, which varies from day to day & from season to season
i.e. winter or summer.
Drive for about 20/30 minutes will take them where they take the motor boat for 10/15 minutes cruising to Isis Island where the show takes place for one hour
Our rep. Buys the entrance ticket and hand it to the clients who attend the show for one hour.
The rep. Meets the clients at the boat get & take them back to the hotel.

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